This glossary helps visitors to understand the terminology used at DiasporaHub.org on diaspora and migration-related topics. The terminology may not coincide with other sources' definitions.

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Diaspora (plural form: Diasporas)

Individual or community of people living seperated from his/her/their (ancestral) homelands. Referred to the mission of this website, the term often includes people of national and echnic minorities.
Migrant (plural form: Migrants) & Migrant communities
Individual moving from one country to another (referred to as "migrant communities" when speaking of migrants from the same origin).
Migrant Diasporas Wording of the term "Diasporas", but which points out Diasporas as a phenomenon connected to migration.
Migration Movement of people from one country to another.
Immigrant (plural form: Immigrants) Individual who comes to country where he/she were not born in order to settle there.
Immigration In-migration (individual/-s moving in to another country)
Emigrant (plural form: Emigrants) Individual who leaves one country to settle in another.
Emigration Out-migration (individual/-s moving out from his/her country)
Refugee (plural form: Refugees)
Individual/-s who flees his/her country for safety.
...or "State". A sovereign/self-governed geographic region/state, although not necessery recognized as a sovereign state by everyone.
Host country ...or "receiving country" or "destination country". Country hosting or receiving migrants/diasporas.
Origin country ...or "country of origin", "home country", "homeland" or "sending country". Country which migrant/diaspora descends/originates from.
Brain Gain Gaining from the capacity of migrants/diasporas.
Brain Drain ...as defined by some people and groups, an event which deprives sender countries its national professionals through emigration.
Multiculturalism & Multicultural Awareness
The existence of multiple cultural traditions of ethnic groups within a single state or region. Multicultural Awareness equals greater understanding, perceptiveness and tolerance of cultural and ethnic groups' being, background and values.
Gender Gender refers to the social constructed sex, which shapes values of the behaviour of men/males and women/females.
Glocal, Local & Global / Globalization
Glocal is an adjective of globalization, which reflects the merge of global and local occurrences, specifically of tendencies in contemporary social, cultural, political, and economic systems.


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